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Dr. Vanessa Cosper

Dr. Vanessa Cosper is Founder and President of the Rosa Lee Development Foundation.  A nonprofit she started in 2018 in memory of her mother.  Vanessa holds a PhD in Public Safety from Capella University.  Unknowingly, she became an advocate for colon cancer at a very young age.  Colon cancer took her mother away when Vanessa was six years old, Rosa Lee was only 32 years old when she died from the disease.  Rosa Lee was a daughter, loving mother of four, and a big sister.  Loving and thinking about her mother for her entire life has made Vanessa focus on colon cancer to educate people about early screenings.  The hope is that another young child would not be motherless or fatherless due to the disease.  After doing some research, Vanessa discovered that she was one of the people who had a risk factor of a first degree relative who had colon cancer and died before the age of 60.  At age 30, Vanessa underwent her first colonoscopy.  Vanessa saw a need to advocate for the public on the importance of colon cancer awareness and early detection.  Vanessa is enthusiastically looking for ways to help people live longer and healthier lives. 

Vice President

Linda Smith

Linda Smith became an advocate for cancer many years ago after losing another friend to breast cancer.  Since then, Linda has had dozens of family members and friends do well after they were told they had cancer through initial screening.  Early detection and education make a difference as well as knowing your own body.


Lorraine Small

Lorraine Small became an advocate for breast cancer more than 20 years ago when members of her family had bouts of cancer. Grandfather-Prostate, Aunt-Breast and now her mother who have several bouts of cancer such as brain and breast cancer twice in which, 2019 resulted in her right breast being removed. Her mother now has advanced stage IV bone cancer. Lorraine became a member of the board serving as Treasurer and to educate people about the importance of cancer screenings


Carrie Clark

Carrie Clark “Tracie” became an advocate for colon cancer after her 26-year-old daughter was diagnosed with stage IIB colon cancer.  This experience motivated Tracie to “do something” to raise awareness about colon cancer.  Their family considers themselves fortunate that her daughter was able to defeat this disease.  Tracie became a member of the Board, serving as Secretary and educating people about the importance of colon cancer screening.  Nobody wants to be diagnosed with cancer but educating yourself on early screening is the best way to improve your quality of life.

Board Members

Audrey Cooper

Audrey Cooper is a Survivor of Lobular Carcinoma stage IIA breast cancer diagnosed.  Audrey is a disabled Army Veteran who has retired from the Department of Army after serving a combined military and civilian service of 35 years.  Audrey still follows an extensive preventive regime designed and suggested by her Oncologist to reduce the probability of developing any more malignant tumors because of having a positive axillary lymph node to come back in 2007. Audrey supports the Susan G Komen and American Cancer Society annual events that support breast and all cancers.  Audrey serves as Advocated for several programs for families that have been affected by cancer and serves as a support group in the Social Media arena to lend a hand to anyone who needs a Support System through their Journey.

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